Thursday, August 23, 2007

Photos from La Vie in Vegas

Here are some photos from my trip to vegas that illustrate my previous post...

Red Rock Resort (Robert Indiana's sculpture in background)

Chef Rene Lenger at his Country Club Steakhouse - Wynn Resort

Lake Bellagio

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Anonymous said...

hi, bill my name is james cramer first what a insperation you are saw you on ed bernstein show(las vegas) your true positive spin on life and people has charged me to persue life's challenge that was stalled. Now I know you have heard this thousands of times but the statment that made me a beliver in what you were communicating was your reference to a place that is very close to and still is one of my favorite places Ocean city,new jersey. Bill I don't know if we will ever meet so I'm off to the library to reserve the book but before I do Iwould like to say thank you in advance james w.cramer ps good luck with the next book. Maybe we will bump into each other in ocean city.