Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!

The holiday is off to a great start! Appeared on the CBS Early Show with Harry Smith this morning. CLICK HERE to read a report from the CBS News web site. Also, if you missed the broadcast...we'll be featuring a video of the show on my book's web site at so please visit.
Just received this nice note from an Early Show viewer:
"Bill - After staying up till 4am last night/this morning to meet a promised deadline, I arose at 7:59am and scrambled to pop on the CBS Early Show. I caught your segment (was taping it just in case), as did my Mom - and we both agreed you were so wonderfully upbeat, concise, totally prepared, and you certainly packed lots of pertinent info into the oh-too-short amount of time allotted to you and Harry Smith...but you looked and sounded like the handsome, articulate, compassionate pro that you always were! Congrats to you, Bill. I find the topic of your book very intriguing, and look forward to getting a copy and meeting you to sign it in person... "
Hope you all enjoy the fireworks on Wednesday.
Be back soon....

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