Friday, May 18, 2007

Gala Luncheon at Le Cirque

Bill, Marco Maccioni, and Carol

It was quite a luncheon at Le Cirque in NYC, where my wife Carol and I jointly celebrated two events... the publication of my book Got What It Takes? and the success of Carol's Hallmark Magazine.
It was a great day for all!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bill!

Just want to let you know I will be promoting your new book in my next newsletter:

Got What It Takes? The people profiled in this book do. Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Clive Davis, Mario Cuomo and Joe Torre are among dozens who give their tips on what made them successful. I especially appreciate author Bill Boggs putting a few of his personal positive affirmations in this book -- if it's good enough for HIM to use them every day, it's good enough for me 'n you too!

Jim "Da Coach" Rohrbach